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Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci

A territory to be lived

Immediately behind the coast Tirrenica, to the edge of the first reliefs of themetal-bearing hillsyou can find, the territory of the Castagneto Carducci’s district, the widest  of the Livorno area.

An edge of earth nearly intact of preserved nature, of works of art, of genuine products and of good gastronomy, of shops from the ancient tastes, of hospitality and tradition.


Immense forests of elms, Turkey oaks, oaks, chestnut trees and holm oaks, anciently covered these earths; centuries of hard job, patient and continuous, have turned the sharp pain forest into an extraordinary landscape of woods and fields meticulously taken care of, direct expression of a refined culture of the territory.


The charm that the “castagnetana-country” has practiced and still manages on those people who cross it,they live it and they enjoy it, it is documented from the innumerable series of articles, descriptions, poetries and books that on it since the beginnings of our millennium are written for praising its sweetness, the equilibrium between natural forms and development of the territory, the so human dimension.


The natural harmony that has impressed so many artists, lettered, travellers is given by adding together and by an overlap of numerous elements in a mutual relationship of functional and formal equilibrium.

The castles, the towers and the shed suburbs according to one well defined organization "religious" of the territory, the centers urban places in the most elevated places from which born a myriad of fields parish priests meticulously, the rural houses and their farms, the sharp pain net of rural roads, the disposition and the course of the cultivations, constitute the structure of a landscape whose happened it is really in the elevated grad of humanization.


Never too much heat, in the summer during which the sultriness is usually mitigated by the sea breezes, ideal temperature in autumn and spring with thermal excursions that rarely overcome only the 10° centigrade, thermometer that it hardly goes down under the five degrees in winter, more abundant raininess in the months of October, February and March, with cold winds as the north wind never so frequent to alter the characteristics of the mild and pleasant climate of the Coast of the Etruschi, able to create true shows of the nature, as oil you to him of the country of Castagneto Carduccio directly introduce behind the “Viale dei Cipressi” that brings to Bolgheri from St. Guido, old of millennia, with enormous trunks of over 2,5 meters diameter to the base and with heights that reach the 25 meters.


The roads trafficless, the sweet and restful landscapes, the mild climate always also in winter, the proper runs for the professional as to the simple impassioned, they offer the possibility of going out by bicycle along the coast along  the magic atmosphere of the hills Metallifere between Volterra and Maritime Mass, in the wild soul of the most authentic (to explore the neighbor Stain of the Magona) Maremma, in the poetry of the street Bolgherese and of the “Viale dei cipressi” that "to Bolgheri goes from St. Guido in double filar."


The landscape of Castagneto Carducci and its outskirts is modeled in the in operation time of the grapevine assuming characteristics of extraordinary and fascinating beauty. Earth from the sweets necks, from the bright panoramas, from the colors that they fall through from the ochre to the green and the blue. A landscape animated that embraces an ample band, with hills irregularly prepared and the coastal lowland.


A variegated morphology of which Castagneto Carducci goes proud and has known better how to conjugate the tourism with the oenology, worth also of the beauty of his landscapes.


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